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November Program Planning Themes & Child Care Activities

As the crisp November air settles in, child care providers and educators are gearing up for a month filled with exciting opportunities for growth, learning, and creativity. November brings a unique set of themes and events, making it an ideal time to plan engaging activities that foster the development of young minds. Whether you're a teacher, daycare provider, or a parent seeking ways to keep your children entertained and educated, program planning is a crucial step in ensuring a well-rounded and enriching experience for children.

In this blog post, we'll dive into various themes that can serve as the inspiration for fun and educational programs designed to keep children engaged and thriving throughout the month. So, let's roll up our sleeves and get ready to plan a memorable and enriching month for your little ones!

Week 1: Penguins

Penguins are the only birds that can swim but cannot fly. They have have many characteristics that make them an interesting learning topic for children. Expand on this theme by learning about the different species of penguins, Penguin habitats, behaviours and diets.

(Penguin Ice Skating From Messy Little Monster)

Tuesday: STEM & Gross Motor: Penguin Egg Experiment

Wednesday: Sensory: Penguin Ice Skating 

Remembrance Day Crafts & Resources

-Remembrance Day play dough set up

Week 2: Owls

These birds of prey are sure to hold on to children's interests with many different activities to choose from. Expand on this theme by learning about different types of owls, their environments, their growth cycle, and their body parts and feautures.

(Owl themed alphabet activity  from The Educators' Spin On It)

Tuesday: Literacy & Fine Motor: Label the Owl

Wednesday: Literacy: Owl themed alphabet activity

Thursday: Fine Motor: What do owls eat printables

Week 3: Bears

From black bears to polar bears, bears are a fascinating group of animals to learn about. Expand on this theme by learning about the different types of bears, their habitats, hibernation, and diets.

(Build a bear den from Primary Theme Park)

Monday: Literacy: Books about bears

Tuesday: STEM: Build a bear den

Wednesday: Gross Motor: Bear tracks

Thursday: STEM: Comparing bear feet activity Draw a bear foot print to scale, trace each child's footprint and compare sizes.

Week 4: Frozen

Step into the world of frozen with these chill activities. Explore more themes with ice, snow storms, snow, different states of water ( liquid, ice, vapour) etc.

(Melting castle experiment From Little Bins for Little Hands)

Tuesday: Sensory: Melting Elsa's frozen hands

Wednesday: Art: Magic watercraft art

Thursday: STEM: Grow Frozen snowflakes


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