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About Us

SPICE'd Childcare is a professional team of child enthusiasts who seek to have a positive impact on a child's life. SPICE'd is a unique childcare option that will provide you with an innovative, affordable, confident, and pleasant service for you and your child(ren)- every time!

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist children in developing their fundamental Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional skills. This is achieved through child-lead exploration, investigation, imagination, creativity, and problem solving. 
Blue background SPICE'd Childcare

Our Vision

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to fully develop. Therefore, we work to ensure that every child's basic developmental skills and needs are being improved, and met.

Meet The Team

Jaye Brown CEO of SPICE'd Childcare Services
Jaye Brown

Growing up, Jaye always wanted to be a teacher. She has always enjoyed having an impact on a child’s life and watching them grow and develop.  Jaye started her life journey out as Mechanical Engineer Technologist. Once she graduated, she completed her Level 3 Early Childhood Education Diploma. Since then, Jaye has worked in various positions in childcare to  now being a Childcare Manager and Dayhome Agency License Holder/ CEO.

Gevisha Rangari Agency Consultant SPICEd Dayhome Agency
Gevisha Rangari
Agency Consultant (Calgary)

Gevisha has worked in childcare for four years and is passionate about her work. Gevisha’s journey started with her pursuing a degree in Dentistry. After graduating, she completed her Level 3 Early Learning Childhood Education Diploma. She operated her own day home for four years and is now an Agency Consultant with the agency.

Paola Cortes Agency Consultant SPICEd Dayhome Agency
Paola Cortes
Agency Consultant ( Edmonton)

Paola has always loved engaging with children and their families. She started working as a babysitter at the age of 17. She earned her Level 3 childcare certificate after completing her Diploma in Early Learning Childhood in 2020, and began working in a daycare. She aspires to develop strong relationships with educators and families.

Charity Nfon Agency Coordinator SPICEd Dayhome Agency
Charity Nfon
Program Co-ordinator & Media

Charity has been in Childcare for over 4 years. She believes that children are the closest thing to magic and enjoys the role she plays in their development. Her favorite part of childcare is creating and participating in learning activities with children. She has worked in Before and After School Care, Daycares and in a dayhome. Charity has a Diploma in Visual Merchandising Arts and has her Level 1 Alberta Childcare Certificate.

Grace Adefidipe Agency Consultant SPICEd Dayhome Agency
Grace Adefidipe
On call Agency Consultant (Calgary)

Grace has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from the University of Calgary. She enjoys creating safe and nurturing environments for children to learn, grow and have fun. Grace has a level 3 Alberta Childcare Certificate.

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