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May 2023 Themes & Activities

Here is some inspiration for your activity planning this coming month. We try to include themes and activities that aren't usually done, so your children can engage in a wide variety of activities. Use this planner any way that you like and feel free to build on these themes and activities.


Skills: S.T.E.M, Fine Motor/Gross Motor, Literacy, Dramatic Play, Cultural, & Art

*All links are in purple*

Week 1: Farm Animals

Monday: Fine motor, Art (paper plates farm animals)

Tuesday: S.T.E.M (make butter from milk)

Wednesday: Fine motor (Sheep shearing)

Thursday: S.T.E.M (Sheep wool counting)

Friday: Gross Motor (Plan a field trip to a local farm), Multicultural ( learn about Cinco de Mayo and make a pinata craft)

Circle time: Sing 'Old Macdonald' 'Bingo' and farm related songs. Read farm animal books

Week 2: Plants

Monday: S.T.E.M ( Make a diy greenhouse)

Wednesday: Fine motor, S.T.E.M ( parts of a plant craft)

Thursday: Fine motor, sensory (make play-dough using diy natural plant based dye)

Circle time: Read 'The Tiny Seed'

Week 3: Cycles

Monday: Art (Seasons craft)

Tuesday: Fine motor (Metamorphosis craft)

Wednesday: S.T.E.M (photosynthesis activity)

Friday: Cultural (focusing on 'reusing' make new paper from recycled paper scraps)

Sensory: Have the children freeze animals and do this ice rescue activity

Circle time: Read and sing about weather, butterflies, plants, recycling

Week 4: Earth Week

Monday: Gross motor ( start off earth week by taking a walk collecting colors of the rainbow)

Tuesday: Cultural (make this diy bird feeder)

Wednesday: Art (Earth day windsocks)

Thursday: Fine motor ( Q-tip earth activity)

Friday: S.T.E.M (using recycled items, build with egg cartons, create a small village)

Sensory: Tree planting sensory bin , plant seeds and have the children tend and care for them and watch them grow

Circle time: Read and sing about the earth ( *pro tip: you can find books on all topics online, just google something like 'chilldrens books about the earth pdf', youtube is a great source as well for read-out-loud's)

Week 5: Astronomy

Monday: Dramatic Play ( Space dramatic play, set up this rock inspection station , make this phases of the moon activity)

Tuesday: Fine motor ( constellations activity)

Wednesday: Art ( Planet art activity)

Thursday: Fine motor ( Make these galaxy jars)

Friday: Plan a field trip to the planetarium

Circle time: Turn off your lights for this constellation show activity

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