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September Program Planning Themes & Child Care Activities

Here's another monthly program planning calendar complete with 4 weeks worth of themes and childcare activities.

September 2023 Program Planning Calendar, themes include:Fairy Tales, The Sound Of Music, Seasons Changes & Indigenous Culture
September 2023 Program Planning Calendar

Week 1: Fairy Tales

Start each day reading the fairy tale that accompanies the activity. Further the children's learning with reading comprehension by asking questions about the book and talking about lessons from the book.

Monday: (Snow White & The Seven Dwarves)

Art: Make this magic mirror from snow white,STEM: Make these 'poisonous' erupting apples

Tuesday: (Hansel and Gretel)

Gross Motor: Learn trail making, Fine Motor & Art: Recreate the candy house from the story using paper bags or make an actual gingerbread candy house using graham crackers

Wednesday: (Cinderella)

Math: Like Cinderella, have your children keep track of time using this worksheet and this worksheet, check out our Time Worksheets, STEM: Build Cinderella's carriage

Thursday: (Rapunzel)

Friday: ( The Three Little Pigs)

Fine Motor & Math: Sort different sizes for the bears, start by creating your own template like this one , STEM: Build the homes of the three little pigs. Extend this activity and test which house is the sturdiest using a fan, shaking the table etc. For bricks consider using small wooden blocks like these.

Week 2: The Sound Of Music

During circle time, use instruments while singing along to songs.

Monday: Gross Motor: Freeze Dance Painting

Wednesday: Art: Painting with sound

Thursday: Gross Motor: Tissue Dance Game

Friday: Fine Motor: DIY Horn instrument

Week 3: Seasons Changes

As September starts, children will start noticing changes around them. The days may not last as long, the weather will become chillier and the leaves will start to change colour and fall off the trees. These activities explain some of the changes.

You may want to start off this week by having a brainstorm session with the children and write down changes they have started noticing and plan activities teaching about those changes.

Monday: Art: Q-tip Season Trees

Friday: Art & Gross Motor: Go outside and collect different leaves and create spray paint art with them

Week 4: Indigenous Culture

It's important to teach children about indigenous people and their culture and history in Canada and around the world. Pick activities and topics based on your children's ages and ability to understand them. Overall, our focus for these activities is on appreciation of indigenous culture but you can definitely delve deeper into topics as you see fit.

Books are a great start for learning more about indigenous people. Here are a few lists to get started:

Additional Resources:

Wednesday: Art: Tlingit Inspired art

Friday: Literacy: Read Phyllis’s Orange Shirt by Phyllis Webstad or listen to the read along, Fine Motor: have children decorate and wear their orange shirts, talk to them about what the shirts represent.

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