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All About Time: Comprehensive worksheets for children

Teaching young children about time may seem like a daunting task but it doesn't have to be if it's done right. The task looks more difficult because telling time is an abstract process. To help make things easier, use lots of hands-on and concrete aids to help with their understanding.

Steps for teaching about time

  • Break down time telling into simple concepts

  • Work on simple concepts and build on them

  • Use hands-on and concrete aids

  • Apply concepts to real life

  • Practice, practice practice: concepts become easier once you're able to practice them

Worksheets breakdown

We broke down and simplified time-telling concepts and created worksheets to teach them. The worksheets are simple and are a good foundation to build on. Print these as worksheets or laminate them to save paper.



Matching templates:

Click below to download the time worksheets bundle.

Time worksheets
Download PDF • 2.25MB

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