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Printable Beginner Worksheets For Kids

Here are some worksheets we created for our kids at our SPICE'd Dayhome Facility. There are three different packs available for download in PDF format. The first pack consists of shapes, colors and numbers.

The second is Alphabets and Writing, and the third one consists of 3 Math worksheets. It's recommended that you get the worksheets laminated for longer use. To save laminating sheets we doubled up.


Shapes, Colors and Number Matching

learning colour and numbers
Download PDF • 2.51MB

These worksheets require a few steps to set up if you choose to laminate them. There's a total of 14 sheets in the pack.

In this pack

- Shape matching

- Color and Number matching

- Caterpillar finger paint counting

You will need:

-Velcro pieces

- Scissors

- Ziploc bags for storage


Alphabet and Writing

learning letters
Download PDF • 1.39MB

There are a total of 15 sheets in this pack.

In this pack:

-Uppercase and Lowercase letter tracing

-‘I spy’- Letters edition

-Individual letter tracing with picture association


Math Activities

Math activities
Download PDF • 168KB

These worksheets are highly customizable to fit your child's needs.

In this pack:

- Sum of ____ worksheet

- Single digit addition worksheet (we recommend using visual aids such as colored blocks to help your child in counting)

- DICE’d addition worksheet (requires a pair of dice)

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