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Montessori Inspired Continents Bundle

There are many aspects of Montessori that are beneficial to all children. Like all the many teaching methods out there, Montessori focuses on the whole child; their mental, physical and emotional development. Where Montessori differs from other methods is that it promotes independence in even the youngest child. From a young age children are allowed to learn on their own with an adults guidance. They are taught practical skills and learn about the world around them.

What better way to teach young children about the world than to learn about continents? We have created our own version of a continent learning activity. In this bundle there are three activities: Continents Play-dough, Continents & Animals Matching and Continents & Landmarks Matching. You can download the activities for free below.

Play-dough Continents
Download PDF • 2.12MB

Continents & Animals
Download PDF • 11.03MB

Continents & Landmarks
Download PDF • 10.94MB

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