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May Themes and Activities

Activity planning is an essential part of Early Childcare Education. As educators, this may seem like a daunting task. For this reason, we have created an ongoing, monthly planning schedule to get you started. Activity planning, like anything else, takes time and practice. You will be planning activities in your sleep before you know it!

Below you will find our May 2022 Calendar, as well as an activity breakdown for each weeks theme. Please note that these are just suggestions, and are here to inspire your planning. Feel free to change or add anything to suit your planning needs.


Skills: S.T.E.M, Fine Motor/Gross Motor, Literacy, Dramatic Play, Multicultural, & Art

*All links are in purple*

week 1: Spring and Growth

Tuesday: Gross Motor (puddle jumping)

Thursday: Multicultural (May 5 Cinco De Mayo), Art (make your own maracas)

Circle time: (spring songs)

week 2: Weather

Monday: Fine Motor (threading clouds)

Tuesday: Art (ice painting)

Wednesday: S.T.E.M (rain in a jar)

Thursday: Literacy (spelling weather words) (cloud writing)

Friday: dramatic play (weather station dramatic play)

weather dramatic play
Download PDF • 248KB

Download weather printables above.

Sensory: states of water table (set up bowls of solid ice, crushed ice, cold water, warm water)

Circle time: (weather song) ( have the children look outside and tell you their weather observations)

week 3: Bugs and Insects

Monday: Gross Motor (nectar relay) (outdoors bug hunt)

Tuesday: S.T.E.M: (lady bug math)

Wednesday: Fine Motor (bead worms)

Friday: Multicultural (bugs from around the world)

Sensory: (hide bugs in sand or dirt and have the children find them)

Circle time: bug songs ( itsy bitsy spider)

week 4: Nature

Monday: Art ( leaf prints)

Tuesday: Gross Motor ( nature scavenger hunt)

Wednesday: Literacy ( dirt play-dough)

Friday: STEM (volcano eruption)

Sensory: (put a pile of dirty rocks and water and have the children clean the rocks)

Circle time; (have circle time outdoors) (garden yoga for kids)

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