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June 2023 Themes and Activities

Get inspired by this month's themes and activities. The themes for this month are: Under The Sea, Lights, The Places You'll Go, & The Circus. Each theme can be narrowed down further into specific areas as shown below.

  • Under The Sea ( under water life, ocean animals, parts of the ocean,food chains,)

  • Lights ( light sources, playing with lights, experimenting with light sources, colored lights, types of lighting,natural lights etc)

  • The Places You Will Go ( geography, travelling, airport, famous destinations, country study, culture study, modes of transportation)

  • The circus ( circus acts, tight rope, balancing, gymnastics, clowns,)

Week 1: Under The Sea

Week 2: Lights

Week 3: The Places You'll Go

Week 4: The Circus

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