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Calendar Bundle For Children

Teach your children calendar skills using our printable calendar templates. Children will learn about days of the week, months, weather, seasons and holidays and special events.

Ways to use these calendar pages

  • Laminate printed sheets, use stick on velcro pieces to attach elements to their pages as seen in the image above.

  • Laminate printed calendar sheet, use erasable markers to fill in the page*

  • Print off calendar sheet and fill in the page *

*these two options would be great for children to practice their writing skills.

Incuded in this bundle

  • A blank calendar template

  • A page with dates 1-31 (to be cut)

  • A blank page for the dates

  • A page with months, years, days of the week (to be cut)

  • A blank page for the months, years, days of the week

  • A page with holidays and special events (to be cut)

  • A blank page for holidays and special events

  • A page with weather and seasons (to be cut)

  • A blank page for weather and seasons

Additional supplies you may need


-laminator sheets

-stick on Velcro pieces

-erasable markers

-binder (for storage)

Download the calendar bundle below

Calendar bundle
Download • 10.79MB

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