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The one with the money activity

*free download below*

It's never too early to teach your children about money. Back when we had our dayhome, our children loved playing cashier and sorting coins. For dramatic play, we used to make playdough bakery goods and set up grocery stores. The children would take turns being cashiers and customers and they would play for a while.

Observing this interest pushed us to create a hands-on activity to teach them the value of the money they liked to play with. In this activity, the children match coins and notes to the piggy banks that have the same coins and notes pictured above the piggy banks.

Activity set up

-laminate all sheets and cut out money

-use Velcro pieces to attach coins onto the corresponding piggy bank

Learning Outcomes

-children learn to identify money

-children learn the value of money

-children learn the names of coins and can identify notes

Download below

all about money
Download PDF • 31.30MB

Canadian money play set

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