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Reward Charts: Encouraging Positive Behaviors

Reward charts can be very useful and effective for encouraging positive behaviors in our children. Behaviors can range from things like cleaning up to potty training.

We have used reward charts in a daycare setting when other steps to encourage positive behaviors have not fully worked. The charts were used as a way for the children to be reminded of expected behaviors and for them to have a visual of their progress.

If you notice that your child is having a hard time with a behavior or task, it might be time to give reward charts a trial.

Setting up a reward chart:

-Clearly state the expected behaviors you want to see from the child. ( Example: At the dayhome we were working with the children on sharing toys and cleaning up. So whenever they shared with others, or cleaned up they would earn a sticker)

-Set up parameters: how long will the behavior be tracked for before the child gets the reward? ( Keep the time short so the reward is achievable for the child. Example: The children were able to collect stickers daily and if they collected 5 stickers at the end of the week, they would get to pick a prize from the prize box on Friday)

Things to remember:

-A reward chart doesn't work on it's own, it's an additional tool to use with other strategies.

-Stop using the reward chart once the behavior has been met. The goal of the chart is to build a pattern of positive behavior in the child. So the more they do it, it becomes easier for them and they fall into the routine of continuing the behavior.

-Not every child responds to reward charts.

You can download our Reward Charts below. Feel free to use them however you would like. We usually laminate ours to save paper.

SPICE'd Reward Charts
Download PDF • 1.19MB

There are more worksheets on the way. Please comment which kinds of worksheets you would find helpful or which ones you'd like to see more of.

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